Enemy of the State: The Final Chapter…

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Sorry, America... I have my OWN war to fight right now...
WE DID IT!!!“… there’s talk of taking them away again…. They can’t do this to us!!!.”
Enemy of The State, January, 2002-


UPDATE: 02/12/03 – At 12:22 PM, after a year and a half of ridiculous charges, and last minute courtroom suprises… The Court of Common Pleas has CLOSED OUR CPS CASE, and restored full legal custody of the Adorable Brooks Kidz back to us!!!!

No findings were ever established (Gee, what a shock).

Extra -Special thanks to all of the awesome people who made it possible…
Alwin Hawkins; The Fabulous Jann; Jeff Clark; K.D. Kelly; Amber Eden; Susan; Tina; Zeldman; Alan Herrell; Faith; Jen; Lisa and Todd; Batgrl; Skarlet; Lee; Kimberly; Red Eagle; Chloe; VASpider; Susansuth; Maria; John; Dan; Mike; Nico; Angel; Jeff Huffert; Atty Wes Niemoczinski; D.A. Brian Gaglione; Atty. Jane Roach; State Attorney General Mike Fisher; Warren County, N.J. Prosecutors office; Carolynn-Allen Evans, William Doolittle, and Patrick Mullen of the Pocono Record; Catholic Social Services; CPS Watch; Justice For Families…

See you at Ruby Tuesdays tonight for a celebration (As a family again. Using our newly-received State Income Tax refund. Ironic, no?)!!!!!!!

the triumphant

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41 thoughts on “Enemy of the State: The Final Chapter…

  1. Excuse the double ping. I only pinged once, but I guess my MT is a little tipsy, ’cause it not only pinged you twice, but swears it didn’t ping you at all.

    Congratulations to you and your adorable children!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS AND HALLE-FREAKIN’-LEUIA! (ok, not sure if the spellings right, but I’m sure you get the sentiment…)

    I’m glad this is over for you now, -e-!

  3. Close enough, Gina… thanks! :0)

    Thanks, Lee… took care of the double-ping. Remember our discussion last year about the color black giving “empowerment”? heh heh… I could have passed for a funeral director in court yesterday! :0)

  4. Thanks, E! Stuff like that is really embarrassing, ya know? 😉 Also, I am really, really happy for you and the kids. I know we’ve had our differences, but hope you know I have never wished anything but the best outcome for you, Carole and the kids. I was and still am their biggest fan, and hope this means their site makes a comeback! I’ve missed those guys!

  5. About bloody damn time they got their heads out from where the sun don’t shine. Congrats and all of that 🙂

  6. Congratulations, e. 🙂 Although I just started reading your blog and I didn’t know this was happening, I’m so glad to hear you won!

  7. Um. Phew? Will that do it? Nah. Ok, then, how about

    W H O O P E E !

    Seriously, Eric, I’m very happy for you.

  8. I’m happier than words can say for you and your family E!!!! Hope your celebration was wonderful too!!! ;o)

  9. =o) Congratulations! Don’t know if one should really say congratulations just because justice has finally been done, but you did fight a long battle to get what was yours all along, and you have been strong and doing great and those kids will be damn proud of you some day 🙂 I assume you’re still celebrating, if not you better go on with it for a couple of days more 🙂
    Infact I think this is a good occation for us all to get drunk! 😉

  10. Congratulatons!
    But, really, it’s over?
    Did they sign a “we were wrong and won’t bother you anymore” paper? In non-disappearing ink? I’m not very trustful of those weasels.

    There was no “WHINY DRIVELING CRAP” – anyone would have had to rant in your situation.

    Damn, has it really been that long? 2 1/2 years?
    Glad that’s over and done with.
    And, er, – Huzzah!

  11. This is the best news I could have heard all day!! thats awesome guy, I’m so happy for you guys!!
    and hugsssssss to everyone from me! (yes, even you, deal with it! :-Þ)

  12. Eric, that is just simply wonderful news! Congratulations to you and the family! I’m so happy for you all!! *HUGS!!!!*

  13. Hi Eric, I only read here periodically (not sure why), but I do remember reading a while ago your whole story about your fight with the state. I was impressed with how strong you seemed to be in the face of all that adversity. I just sat and tried to imagine how I would feel/react if the govt was trying to take MY kids away and I couldn’t imagine it. I am so glad that your battle is over. Good for you and good for your family!

  14. Whatever our differences I never for a moment thought you or your family deserved any of this. I’m glad it over and that you are all still together.

  15. Congratualtions! I can’t imagine someone trying to take my child away. I can only imagine what you went through. Again, Congrats!!!!!!!

  16. Congratulations, Eric! That doesn’t even seem like enough to say. Wow. Is your head just spinning?

  17. Love ya dad…and thanx to everyone who helped out….Love Ya All…muahz
    By the way…dad ur the best!!!!

  18. well I didn’t know anything about this before either, but I’m so glad it’s over now! families are for hugging 🙂
    now I gotta go look through your archives!

  19. No problem Deborah… I’ll fix it.
    Thanks Lee.. but no, the Adorable BrooksKidz site isn’t coming back (at least not on my site.) Carole and I discussed this.. even though the court order is closed. They’re never going to be targets again.

    Of course if they end up with their own sites elsewhere (two of them are VERY talented web designers) that’s fine with me, It just won’t be linked from here or my main site (and well, who likes their parents snooping on them anyway?).

    It still blows my mind how they considered kids artwork, stories, poems, and photos of their graduations, or dressed in winter coats in NYC was “putting them at risk”… but I’m not going to argue.

    Love ya too honey, thanks for dropping in! (Celebrating her sweet sixteen party in a week or so, don’t ya know.)

  20. Well, you tell ’em I got two sites vacant on blogwalk, and they are welcome there anytime. I won’t even tell you where they are, if that’s what they want. 😉

  21. Congratulations! Time to enjoy your family together. I think that this calls for a celebration! Yeah!

  22. Wow, I miss reading your blog for a few days, and come back to this. I am so glad you have your kids back; I know all this is a tremendous relief. I just can’t even imagine. I hope you guys celebrated and continue to celebrate long and well!

  23. Oh, my. I haven’t been a reader long enough to have known about all of this. I thought you were taking a week off for a family vacation (and, self-centered bastard that I am, I thought Stitch was there to remind us that you wouldn’t forget us and would be back).

    Congratulations, -e-. I’m so happy that things have worked out for you. 🙂

  24. That’s really great news for you all. Congratulations! (and sorry I’m, once again, late for the party.)

  25. Oh, hey, so you’re back. Rest up the the corner there bud. Maybe soon it will be time to take on some internet flame fests to keep in shape. You’ve can’t let all that talent for trouble go to waste. Of course, I entirely agree that the kids are out of this for good. They can stir up trouble on their own soon enough. 🙂

  26. Congrats, -e-!!!
    What is it like to get a full nights sleep?
    Hug the wife and kids for me, okay?

  27. I am so happy for you e! I imagine that it might not feel real for awhile, after the stress of it going on for so long, but at last you can all relax in the knowledge that you are together.

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