No the system isn’t perfect…

… it’s absolutely and completely screwed.

America’s child protection system has immense power. It operates in secrecy. It enjoys total immunity. Parents and children have few meaningful rights. Under current law, the system created to protect children has become America’s greatest source of family and child abuse. It desperately needs substantial reform.

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Peter L. served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the Marines, yet:
“Peter doesn’t have any rights. He hasn’t earned them.”
Russanne Niles, DCYF

The horror stories pile on. Ask any parent. The very thought of CPS being called on them strikes absolute fear in their hearts. Some States call them DCYF, BCW, DEFACS, DCC, or Children and Youth.

(A Google Search in my referrals for William Doolittle me to mention this… personally, I love when Bill writes about their monumental screwups. Who can forget this hilarious little diddy? well, what this “woman” did to the kids wasn’t funny.)

The latest round here in the Poconos:
Parents fume while county holds kids
“Stroud Twp. couple says Children and Youth admits it has no reason to keep their boys, but refuses to give them back…”

Yesterday’s followup:
Parents pinning hopes on court to return children
“One foster parent returned the boys to Children & Youth, Bruce Bayer said this week, quoting a Children & Youth case manager, because, ‘The public outcry was too much for the parents to handle’….”

Hee hee ho ho!!!!
Aw, what’s the matter foster parents, a little public pressure too much? Not worth the money they’re paying you to keep a $12 billion dollar a year system alive?

Today’s Letter to the Editor really drove in some great points…

“The issue isn’t necessarily the gross abuse of power and negligence concerning laws, but rather their cavalier attitude toward breaking up families with no evidence of abuse.

Currently in Pennsylvania, there are more children removed from their homes because parents might abuse them – but haven’t done so – than children removed because the parents actually abused them. How can some of these kids remain in C&Y custody for two years without an indication of abuse? Why does C&Y have this much control?”

These are not isolated incidents, people… and this isn’t hysterical banter.

Children died as a result of abuse in foster care 5.25 times more often than children in the general population.

The public has finally become enraged. Sick of hearing stories of foster kids dead in dumpsters, emaciated in basements, and chained to radiators. Children pulled out of their homes, and the parents being “guilty until proven innocent”. (Batgrl has great links and commentary here…)

I, for one, say it’s about damn time.
Again… I should stress that some children need protection. But not like this.

Is this the best we, as a society, can do for our children?

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