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Wow!!! I wasn’t expecting that kind of a response… thanks everyone! :0)

Just a little testament to the power of the web. And miracles.

It was far from a “One Man War”, believe me. You don’t get out of these things without a lot of money (*waves to in-laws*), massive legal firepower, and friends.

Just a quick backdrop…
It started in 2000. My wife partnered with a former co-worker, after the company they worked for, folded. Their home remodeling company was doing decent… but then they were offered to buy a rival company run by a sleazeball. It was supposed to put their company ahead of the game… but it was a scam. The (former) owner was slowly draining the funds. Before you knew it tens of thousands of dollars worth of checks were bouncing. We lost our house. Faced several bouts of jail time, as my wife’s partner left her holding the bag. Kids were getting depressed and missing school, so CPS was called by the school… things got worse and worse.

We needed help. Not punishment.

As usual the state had other plans… despite our biggest problem being money (or the lack thereof), they still found ways to fine us for everything from Animal abuse (reaaaally long story there), to CPS taking the kids, having us pay child support for it, and a demand we pay our landlord $2,250 to keep the landlord’s house from foreclosing (to which they snicker and say “Oh, Eric, you make that sound like a hostage situation” *raises eyebrow*). The entire story is long, boring, very detailed and can fill a novel. I’ll probably write it someday…

The point is, I did the Brookskidz Defense Fund when they were taken away. It was only months after the whole KayCee fiasco… but we were desperate. A lot of my friends were burned from her, and yet surprisingly, they were still compassionate enough to help me. I only asked for $5.00 donations, but people were sending $25’s (one even sent $100!). When asked what to do with the money if it wasn’t enough or over the goal, almost everyone selected the “Take the kids out to celebrate.” option.

It totaled to a little over $250 in a week’s time. It wasn’t really enough to retain a decent lawyer (and it was too dangerous too keep on the web after we got the kids back.).

So in came Faith offering her services.
(Well, I was asked NOT to tell anyone, but after this summer’s bickering… is there anyone out there that DOESN’T know at this point????)

To bring a lawyer in this late in the game would have been bad. You’re “discouraged” from using a lawyer by CPS, anyway, because it makes you look “guilty” (besides, they may lose their case or something, *GASP*. People… get a fucking lawyer ASAP, ok?). So Faith worked with Carole and me, devised strategies, and what to say… gave us a lot of peace of mind (As a friend who was here the night before a hearing can attest.).

The strategy worked great. The judge was nodding in agreement to a lot of the points we brought up… but no one could have imagined my work on the web was the target this time. They were granted another 6 months to supervise our progress, and a court order forbidding any mention of kids on any site I control (including work). You see, they knew I was badmouthing them online somewhere. They never found “Enemy of the State”, but If I can’t mention “kids”, I sure as hell can’t mention CPS. See?

After my job sent a corporate lawyer in, things changed. The visits dwindled, the threats were lighter, and it seemed they wanted to close the case… Faith worked with us, and if she needed to come up here to kick someone’s ass, she was ready…

This was all made possible through the power of the web.
A place for me to vent when the pressure made me insane… the helping hands who heard my story. Offered assistance, money, legal help, insight, good thoughts, and prayers.

I’ll never forget that…

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31 thoughts on “Power of the web

  1. Dear God! The fact that you and Carole are still standing absolutely floors me.

    Hallelujah that it’s finally freakin’ over.

    I wish I’d known of it sooner. I’d definitely have been praying longer and been a whole hearted contributor to the Brookskidzfund! 😀

    I am sooo happy for you…all of you!

  2. Well, I’m kinda glad I missed all that… and I’m kinda sorry I wasn’t around to help in whatever miniscule way possible. I’m really glad everything’s finally straightened out for you.

  3. Lets make sure that we are all there for Robyn and Todd.I love them both and right now they need lots of love and prayers from us all.

  4. And a big congrats to you -e- ! I know it’s hard to say which of you are more happier,you and your family or your kids.By the way,do we still have to call you -e- ?

  5. Nah… you can call me anything you want now. ;0)

    btw… so no one thinks anyone got away with anything. The former owner that drained the funds from the company has been indicted on several counts of fraud in N.J. and awaiting sentencing (*sigh* it broke Carole’s heart to be subpoenaed to testify, and “forced” supply all his files as evidence </sarcasm>).

    PA Homeowners: thank your District Attorney for being fucked. You’ll never see justice.

    And her business partner (who once even drew up a map & directions to our house when constables came with an arrest warrant…)… well he recently saw a doctor and was diagnosed with Hepatitis “C”. Too late in the stage to treat, I’m afraid….

    Curse of the Warlock™, anyone?

  6. LOL Boy, talk about cosmic justice … !

    Eric, there’s a message over at Blatherings that I wrote last night before you had explained anything. I’m not going to write it again here, just … congrats and huggers!

    (Almost wrote “huggies” but didn’t want you to think I was wishing diapers on you. And that Faith … is she just too cool, or what?)

  7. i echo what solly said. (up yonder. wSpaceSolonor.) i had no idea all this was going on in your life. at once i’m sorry, and glad for you that it’s all over with now. ~xoxo

  8. So glad for happy endings and for reunited families 🙂
    and thank you for pimping me *mwah*

    Happy V day to you and yours!!!!

  9. Damn -e, I wish I too could have done more – but I caught it later in the game – I hoped just being your friend through the parts I caught helped.

    What a bungload of dung, man. 🙁

  10. There’s a special place in hell for bad people that screw over good people and put them through hell like that. I hope they like the heat when they get down there.

    Robyn & Todd would make such wonderful parents. Life can be very sad sometimes. They already know how I feel though.

  11. -e- and as other people came in a little late in the game. I’m sorry i couldn’t contribute to the fund because I defintiely would’ve. I had absolutely no idea this was happening to you.

    I so happy for you though =)

    Happy Valentines Day *smooch*

  12. I am stunned. I don’t know how you and your wife survived this. I am so happy it’s over and you guys are together.
    : – )

  13. Well it is a true testiment to loving bonds you and your wife share as well as the undying love the two of you have towards your children. It is horrifying to think that CPS, the courts, the schools etc etc can do such devestating acts towards a family. They don’t work that hard with the children WHO REALLY need such vigerious attention!!! *Shaking head* it also makes me aware it can happen to anyone. Are there any actions you can take towards CPS? Bottom line, Congradulations in the family being reunited once again and I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy each and every moment!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to your family!!!!

  14. I am VERY happy everything in the end worked out … bless ALL of you & what a beautiful & wonderful Valentine’s present!!!!

    *BIG HUGS*

  15. Oh, my, I am so so pleased. I remember the saga from before, and I’d wondered what happened. Your poor kids; I’m so happy they’re home. blah blah personal experiences blah. Congratulations, your calm throughout this is amazing.

    Faith, do lawyers get kisses blown at them? If not, duck!

  16. I have a hard time picturing E as being calm. 😉

    I am so relieved. I remember reading about that stuff and it just got me so pissed, but it was better than being depressed and thankfully I’m finally getting outta that slump. Not that I have a decent job yet, I’m just tired of not being happy about it. It certainly helps to have more things to be happy about.

  17. Didn’t even realize you were back already – that was a short week 😉

    I’ve very happy to hear that it all worked out for you. Believe me when I say that I know about ALL of the crap you went through – I’m a paralegal and I’ve worked for both court appointed (and retained) Family Court attorneys and for attorneys who represent foster care agencies in NYC. The sure know how to drag this shit out forever.

    Congrats on defeating the beast.

  18. (blink) OK, I need to spend some more time looking at your link list, e. You know, *cough* research. Yeah. That’s it!

  19. I can’t wait to meet FAITH NEXT MONTH. Me?? I am gonna hug a lawyer………hug hug hug her. She rules big time! Bless her. Bless her. Bless her.

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