Ugh… it’s that *month* again.

The unimaginable happens to me and those close to me every October. This is the month where the “worst case scenario” is almost a guarantee. Here in Anarchtica, it is to the benefit of all elected officials that statistics are in the extremes…

If you are in front of a judge this month, you are guaranteed to be incarcerated for even the tiniest of infractions. Prisons are filled to the brim this month, as judges, district attorneys, and anyone else up for re-election can boast of their “high conviction rates”, “low crime”, and how they’ve “taken criminals off the streets”.

You are nothing more than a sacrificial lamb for their statistics. You’re not quite innocent, but you are *definitely* not the hardened criminal they make you out to be. You are run through the system as “just a number”…

…and your family can’t do a damn thing about it.

Come November, the incumbents will win in a landslide…
Why? Because those living a trouble-free life will buy into this PR bullshit.

The recipients of this heavy-handed justice aren’t allowed near a voting booth for at least 60 days. Their family’s spirits are too broken to even consider voting these jokers out of office, though they should anyway.

Their voices will never be heard and their stories will never be told.
It’s a win-win situation for the truly corrupt.
It’s set up that way.

Not to worry. All is fine in my world…
At least that I know of. There’s nothing pending for any of us.

It was finished in my war last year, where losing meant “losing everything”. Victory over that war came at an unimaginable price to so many people around me.

Like I said, this is the month where the “inconceivable” happens.

There are still the bad guys, and old scores to settle. New plots of retaliation. I sit quietly in the darkness, with my glistening blade, and wait for them to come.

Welcome to my dark and scary world.

I approach October with baited breath, apprehension, and all the bitterness of days gone past.

I hate October.
But bring it on anyway.

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10 thoughts on “Ugh… it’s that *month* again.

  1. Darlin’, there will *ALWAYS* be Halloween…. :0)
    Just like there will *ALWAYS* be Christmas.

    (Besides, that’s the day I get to say goodbye to all the new friends I’ve made wandering the community before they cross over to the next world.)

  2. I haven’t heard that, but I wouldn’t be surprised… this whole “invade Iraq” thing has more to do with the Bush family honor than anything….

    So far, the poll at my job says 65.7% of the people here *APPROVE* of this invasion. WTF??!!?? I have *yet* to meet one person that thinks this is a good idea.
    *pops an alka selter, and braces himself for WW III *

  3. I *heart* October. Cool weather, pretty leaves, pumpkins, apple-picking, and the start of all the big performing arts seasons. Yeah baby. Bring. It. On.

    I don’t do Halloween, though. Nope.

  4. Hate to go jumping on the bandwagon E, but I heart October too!! Halloween is my mail holiday!! :o)

  5. I live for Halloween – it’s my favorite of all holidays! I get to dress up, eat candy, overtly be as childish as I always am and it’s excused!

    Plus it’s always nice to say hello to my dead friends…


  6. well, you should come hang out where i work, where i believe i am in the 1% minority of folks who don’t think war is cool. my boss’s grandson was in playing ‘Real War’ on pappy’s computer today. old man to (7 year old) boy: oh, make sure you have some carpet bombers!’

    oy. vey.

  7. I live for Halloween – it’s my favorite of all holidays! I get to dress up, eat candy, overtly be as childish as I always am and it’s excused!

    Don’t get me wrong guys, I love Halloween too… It’s probably the only day out of the year where I can wear my Zorro costume, and not draw stares… :0)

    i believe i am in the 1% minority of folks who don’t think war is cool.
    I believe war is a necessity in some cases.
    This is not one of those times… (kd, I don’t know if you remember when I posted in your comments how I was ready to join the marines around the time of “Desert Shield”, but decided “fuck it, I’m not dying for Exxon…!”)

    How many people would think war is cool if it was *THEIR* sons/daughters/grandchildren being shipped off to fight? Or if *THEY* were at the age where if the draft came back *THEIR* lives would be interrupted????


  8. Love October for the colors, and I generally feel great during the fall.
    Did you hear the Prez say (something like this):
    “After all, he did try to kill my Daddy”!!
    (yeah, so we goto war over that?)

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