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A N A R C H T I C A: No hope, no future, no justice…may not apply soon.
I may have to come up with a new name for where I’m living. :0)

If you recall the heartbreaking story of the Bayers… whose children were taken away, and they haven’t seen them for a month, despite no wrongdoing, and the judge was “too busy to sign the release orders” (but sure as hell wasted no time signing the orders to take them away, though… funny that.)

Child agency finally releases kids
“We reached out to Children and Youth reporting what the boys said. We thought they were going to help us. Instead they snatched the children,” Angela Bayer said.

Yes, yes, yes… the kids made up a story that their biological father had molested them (I’m presuming to get out of visitation?). But what was the logic in removing them from the *MOTHER’S* home????

“We will be working now to tell other parents in Monroe County about Children and Youth and to warn them never to look to Children and Youth for help.” They cautioned, “If we knew then what we know now, we never would have let them into our home without a search warrant.”

I could have told them that. Unfortunately, I had to learn that the hard way too… and then it was too late.

The letter, from Elisa Loncola-Hicks, an intake caseworker, said the file “regarding this matter” would be destroyed.

Destroyed? You mean, not sealed and stored away like ALL juvenile case records? Hmmmm….
Translation: “Just so you can’t use our own stupidity against us, we’re gonna destroy the evidence if (or when) you decide to sue our silly asses off for being zealot dumbasses…”

If the’re all about helping kids, why aren’t they trained to distinguish the difference between a real story and a fabricated lie? An actual case of abuse or a wild goose chase? A police officer can tell if you’re lying in seconds, and a lawyer can tell you if you have a case or not in less than 10 minutes. Don’t give me this “can’t take any chances” bullshit. You can be a caseworker in PA with a high school diploma. With that much power over people, I’d expect a little more training.

Why a *minimum* six month review of every case, when 82% of their calls are nothing more than retaliation by a neighbor or (ex)relative? Is this why they complain of being “overworked” (translation: “more funding, please?”)???

While not related to this case… I’m sure someone will expect me to solve the problem of this “War on Parentsâ„¢” if I continue bitching, so…

  • No more of this “anonymous call” bullshit. People have a constitutional right to face their accusers in court. If you really give a damn about a child, you WILL get involved. And you won’t be a chickenshit about it.
  • Just like calling in a false report to 911, there should be fines and/or jail time for putting in a false report to a hotline. (There’s more money right there, and maybe people will THINK before dialing that number).
  • Instead of pulling a child out of a home as a solution to everything, why not direct some of that funding towards the families, instead of foster care? A lot of these cases where the gestapo swoops in like vultures it’s a family down on their luck. Maybe there’s tension and yelling at home because the dad is out of work, or mom starts drinking because the bills are out of control, or the kids are in school with old dirty clothes because the parents can’t afford new clothes, or the kids are always sick because they can’t afford to see a doctor/get prescriptions?
  • More pressure on judges and elected officials – You know, I understand that everyone wants “what’s best for the childrenâ„¢”, and no one wants to be the “Grinch who dismantled CPS”, but statistically, this is ridiculous.How do you sleep knowing you gave the orders for state police to rip a terrified child out of their screaming mother’s arms? Based on some dipshit’s say-so? Little or no evidence is presented, just a lot of nobility, “good” intentions, and “we believe that…”

    Come on! A judge would throw a criminal case like that out of his courtroom!!! But again… “Believe the childrenâ„¢” (remember that from the 80’s? You do know Margaret Kelly Michaels case was overturned, right? Well after years of beatings and rapes in prison that is.). More facts and evidence, and less “what ifs”, please.

    I hope Monroe County remembers how Judge Maggie Worthington was “too busy” to sign release orders next time an election year comes around (not that anyone is suicidal enough to run against a judge here in Anarchtica).

There’s more suggestions (and tips) at FightCPS.Com.

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