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So, how about them Yankees?

You’re not expecting me to talk about the shit hitting the fan tonight, are you?
Hey, I just made my peace. And I gave my word I was staying out of it.

On second thought… FUCK IT! I’m hearing a lot of lies and PR damage-control at Blogshares, and I’m sick of it.
Here is a copy of the page where my friends and I are CRUCIFIED at Blogshares. (I suspected my comment was going to be deleted, so I saved the page.) Maria was run off the web, because of me. She defended a friend, and he sicced trolls on all of us.

Sayed has no control over over the trolls??? BULLSHIT!
He has my name in big-ass letters, my URL on it and singles out every one commenting on my site as “nazis” and “doting supporters”. One of them was Maria, who didn’t agree with my remark, but said my frustration with the game “echoed her sentiment too”.

The very first response was one of his asshole friends suggesting “Perhaps blogs that link to him should suffer horrendous losses too.”


This forum thread went on to two pages, several friends joined Kat in asking to be delisted over this bullshit… including Maria. They had to leave their URL (on top of a beating from all the commenters) and they were ALL HIT BY TROLLS ON THEIR SITE IMMEDIATELY.

Yes I apologized to Sayed for calling him what did in the post below, and I STILL mean every word of it. Why didn’t I apologize sooner? exhibit B: “People aren’t dropping out of blogshares to defend what I said (even I admit it was shitty, and I would have apologized had he not posted this slanderous garbage.) ”

I admit right then and there…what I said was WRONG! And I was even ready to apologize that day.

Yet we were all crucified for the next two weeks, especially Maria. He used a widely-read forum to slap me down and single me out because I made a remark that hurt him and he wanted to make an example out of anyone that crosses him. He disabled the posting after so many people protested. He’d rather shut them up than admit he might have gone a “little” overboard.

Why can’t he just do the right thing, and simply take responsibility for creating a situation where anyone opposing him was going to be left wide open for attacks on their sites??? He riles up a mob, and then demands all their URLs are posted for him to delist… then they go attack. What was he expecting?

I said something stupid and regrettable, he sicced a mob on everyone here. Two wrongs don’t make a right, I know this…. but at least I took RESPONSIBILITY for my part in this mess. Why can’t he? Instead of playing martyr on his page and pretend he doesn’t understand why everyone is mad at him for the troll attacks. It’s takes two, folks.

We’ve both publicly apologised and I’ve accepted his apology and he’s accepted mine. ” – WHAT???? WHERE WAS MY APOLOGY??? This is the second time I had apologized via email, 30 freakin times on the web. It took three emails today (the first one was unbelievably hostile & arrogant). Never an apology for this. Never an apology to anyone of my friends for being called a “nazi”, or a “doting supporter” (unless you count “I realize I shouldn’t have said what I said, so I take it back”… I had to FUCKING GROVEL today in the hopes he’d call off trolls and leave Maria alone.)

Maria has stood up for me through thick and thin. Is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met… and this is the price she paid for being friends with a loudmouth like me. Keeping my silence for the sake of peace would be stabbing her in the back.

Torture me for having a big mouth. I don’t care. I deserved it.
She didn’t deserve this. She really didn’t.
How can anyone support this kind of abuse? Tell me.

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32 thoughts on “*whistles*

  1. [derail]
    God if I see one more Jeter Swallows t-shirt when I’m walking in boston someone’s gonna get hurt
    oh the irony of it all.

  2. Why do you guys always pick the times when I’m busy offline to do these things? I end up missing out on all the fun. *pout*

  3. Can I be a troll too? I never get to be a troll. Do I have to join some sort of secret society to be a proper troll? Is there some sort of certification process?

  4. LOL!
    *hands Les a “Troll Application”*
    I need three references from a few trolls, ok?

  5. Ok, this is more like it – an entry with actual links to things that went on so no one has to rely on just your opinion of things – thank you! Much more the Eric I know. Now I can make an informed decision and post on this later today – when I’ve read everything.

    However, I’d like to say that anyone that feels the need to make personal attacks on anyone – name calling of Eric OR Sayed – well, you know, I really hate trolls. Of all kinds. It’s somewhat hypocritical to comment in support of a friend – and then go name calling the other person in the same way. Even if it’s just in these comments. Or in a ficticious url “joke.”
    End bossy little lecture.

  6. “I really hate trolls….Even if it’s just in these comments. Or in a ficticious url ‘joke.’..”

    *UGH* The worst kind of trolls too… COMEDY TROLLS.
    Deleted. I must have missed them last night.
    Thanks Batty.

  7. Now wait, I have nothing against comedy trolls (I know several), just the ones that call people names or intend to be hurtful. A joke at someone else’s expense isn’t funny.

    And now I’m confused as hell about Derek Jeter.
    I’m out of the loop again, aren’t I?

  8. damn, I missed the trolls *pouts*

    -e-. what can I say guy…you hit it dead on with “She didn’t deserve this. She really didn’t.”
    she defended a friend, something you have done countless numbers of times, and got slammed for it.
    *shaking head* thats not right, it doesn’t matter if he had any ‘control’ over the situation or not, its a stupid ‘game’ that he created, she asked to be removed, period. that should have been that…perhaps instead of declaring his innocence in the whole matter he should have put a little more effort into asking others NOT to be taking these types of actions, and figuring out how to take removal requests via email.
    *whew* ok, I think I’m done now 😉
    we luv’s ya guy!

  9. Lookie!!!
    I’m a troll… are you scared?
    Look I’m running you off the web!
    Run! Run! Run!!!!!
    *Shoos Red Eagle*

  10. You know Eric (and all you other people), THE GUY IS AN ASSHOLE.

    The first time someone is an ass – you can generally chalk it up to mis-communication or whatever.

    The second time someone is an ass, you can surmise that they might be *really hurt* by something *you* (General Population here “you” not *Eric* “you”) said or did.

    The third time someone’s an ass you can ALWAYS chalk it up to the fact that they’re an ass. It’s become a pattern.

    When someone gets up to 5+ times (you know, like Say-howeverthehellyouspellit) they’ve made it a fact. That person is an ass, and furthermore they either don’t know or just don’t care.

    I mean, they guy is using you, Eric, to carry on a little *ohimsofuckingpathetic* pity-party when really, when you get right down to it: You made a crude comment. He whined (which is his right) did a BUNCH of other asshole stuff (which was wrong) you apologized (which was again right) then he just kept right on.

    The guy’s a freakshow and a troll in thee WORST way, because he’s using people and treating them like shit over something *you* said which *you* apologized for which *he* said he accepted.

    So what happened? Nothing good. That’s what.

    Some people will ALWAYS be total assholes and you (and all you other people) will just have to accept that and delete the comments they make, blacklist their asses, or comment right back with some other kind of ripshit that’s not going to offend anyone’s PC sensibilities.

    Or, close down your blog.

    Now I know that most people who write a weblog (the prolific ones I mean) may get POed and quit for awhile, but they’re not going to let shit like this guy take away something that belongs to them.

    I’ve seen it 1000 times, as have you, Eric. You know it’s true, and this guy’s just another asshole with his head in the sand (shit I SURE hope that doesn’t count as a racial slur – but then ya never know – do you? Damn us proud American Wannabe German Norwegians who are also part Native Americans straight to hell!!!) who doesn’t mind hurting people to reach his own ends. Sooner or later, people will realize that. I guess I just hope it’s sooner.

    I personally hope Faith DOES whip his as in any way she can. Then maybe he’ll shut the hell up and we can go back to bitching about people who are at least FUN to make fun of. This guy is just too damned lame to come up with a good old-fashioned acidic retort.

    Yeah, baby.

  11. Angel honey…
    This is a FUCK THE P.C. Zone!!!!
    Within certain sensibilities, of course… but how can you be funny without tap dancing in a land mine every once in a while?

    Using the silly mentality of the trolls:
    Using remarks like “The straw that broke the camel’s back”… TABOO. It denotes an animal from a specific region and can be construed as a derogatory remark towards Arabs.

    We recomend saying: “The tiny fiber that, sadly and regrettably*, did damage and injury to the dromedary’s physical well being”

    *(We don’t want to piss off PETA now, do we?)

    If you bitch about “Nigerian Bank Email Scams” – You sir, are a fucking racist!!!! There is no need to specify it’s from Nigeria is there?

    “Chinese Food” – another racist remark that I will not tolerate! Why discriminate? That cat, uhm, I mean chicken you’re dipping in sweet & sour sauce did not come from China now did it? Stereotypes!!!! Blatant racist sterotypes I tell you!

    To call that poor cat, uhm, again I mean chicken, a “Chinese Food” is an ethnic slur!!!!

    Oh there’s plenty of comedic fodder to go on with Sayed (ESPECIALLY since he can’t take a fucking joke)…

    More quotes from the “Web’s Minister of Information”:

    “The haters are sick in their heads, all these claims of people de-listing is just an illusion!”

    “I let the players here live. Just to be nice. Not because I have to.”

    “Your blog is not you. Your eyeballs are not you. You are not you”.

    Getting lame here… will come up with more Sayed-isms tomorrow.

    PS: I disagree with Batgrl’s assessment that “A joke at someone else’s expense isn’t funny.”

    Those are the FUNNIEST!
    (Unless it’s ME on the receiving end of a joke.. I think we can all agree that’s wrong.)

  12. (You KNOW…you only wrote all that shite so that your reply comment to my comment was, like, longer.

    I swear. You’re SO way lucky it’s a fun time of month! 😉

    Big Hugs!

  13. Actually it just started flowing…
    (P.C. people just bring out the worst in me.)
    I’m thinking it’s going to be my next post.

  14. I missed all of this, but I must admit, even without all the crap that’s been going on, the whole Blogshares thing, while probably a mean feat in programming, actually bores me a little. I started to play and then thought “why”?

    When I can be bothered I’m going to remove the link. I have better things to do.

  15. Well, perhaps I should clarify that I think a joke that appears to needlessly single out a person’s race or religion seems kinda unfunny to me. And it’s not being PC – it’s called *thinking* about how other people feel – or maybe just thinking before you speak. Sure, no one can live on the planet without offending ANYONE – but you have to be kinda clueless not to know on a basic level what will be offensive.

    Then again, it all comes down to context.
    The intent of the joke, how it was framed.
    Thus says George Carlin, btw, who I personally feel knows his shit.
    If it was meant to be hurtful, it’s only funny to people that dig that kinda thing. I tend to not think that kind thing is funny. If it was meant to point out something other than a needless jab at ethnicity, perhaps humor on a different level, pointing out some kind of problem on a societal level or hypocrisy – then there’s more to it than just the comment.

    If you call someone a name – and there’s not a point you’re trying to make – well, it’s just name calling.

    And all of you who can’t understand that are cocksuckers.
    See? Now that’s funny, goddamn it.

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