A Big WHUZZUP! And Thanx to…

Pamster… For letting all her friends know about my Daily Carlinisms. A new quote every day by comedian George Carlin. Pamster has a really nice site with lots of stuff worth checking out….

Name The Diva Contest II

I hereby dub thee: The coSmic diVa…. (and don’t you let anyone make you drop that “V”!) You guys really need the “Vivaldi” font in your computer to appreciate how pretty this page is….

Danielle is feeling a bit left out. Truth be told, she was one of the ladies I was searching for when I mentioned all the Divas that had spoken out… but I couldn’t find her again. I was going to bill her as “Religious Diva“, for her many scripture quotes in her blog… but I know *I* would hate to be called “religious”, even though me and The Lord are like this… (well, you can’t see my fingers crossed together, can you?), as I love God and it’s “religion” that I don’t believe in….

I also understand she is offering a cash prize to the winner. :0)
(Sorry. The Devil made me do it. No prize money, but she’d love to hear from you anyway.)

Other suggested names I have come up with: “Doctor Diva”, “Christian Diva” and “Therapist Diva”. I had also thought a neat one would be “Faith Diva”… but we all know what happens when you take a name already used by a Diva….

Aw Man… I just don’t know when to quit while I’m ahead. :0)

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