Naaanny Naaanny Poo–poo! :p

  • Now I can hold that venomous drivel you spew everywhere… against you for years to come...
    Now that we’ve exchanged icky pleasantries, can we pleeeeease resume that fun hate/hate relationship, so my wife’s friends can shut the fuck up, and stop putting ideas in her head (You had to be a redhead, didn’t you)??? I’ll continue to treat you with kid gloves, I promise.
  • My turn to give advice to Netscape (make her a Diva already!) Diva: If you and Zero Cattle Diva can kindly go back and fine tune {insert name here}Diva‘s blog and remove that extra “/blog/” in her permalink, her enemies would *SO* appreciate it. It’s causing “404”s.
  • Actually after checking my links I just read the news and make the correction Netscape (make her a Diva already!) Diva. Congratulations!!! In my few conversations with you, you have always shown the compassion, knowledge, and helpfulness that Leader Diva has envisioned her group to be. (They’re gonna take that the wrong way and kick my ass for it… watch.)
  • Kitty Diva: Tres Kewl! When you make that a screensaver, I want it!!!!!
  • My life as a weblogger has no meaning without the Evil Judge Wimp to kick around…
  • Uh… Baylink? You know I love ya, right? Not in a “gay” way…more like a “prison” sort of way. Answer my fucking E-mail already!
  • Finally… proof that even a broken watch is right every once in a while:
    Don’t write something you can’t say to someone’s face….
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