A Day In The Life….

Did typical “Web Designer”-type stuff today:

  • Put up “Coming Soon” Pages for Website #37. Nothing spectacular. It looks a little funny in Netscape (*cough*because they suck*cough*), but it’s just a temporary place holder with all the pertinent information in the metatags so it’ll be ready & rarin’ to go with the search engines when it launches in a few weeks… (I’m not only getting paid, but a ton of FREE products from Rubin Enterprises… NYAH! NYAH!)
  • Before you all scream “BAD HUSBAND!”, Website #36 is still in the works that will all go up at once… so SHADDAP!
  • Picked up the latest updates for Gresser Realty’s listings…that’ll be up tomorrow.
  • Went to a job site to finish clearing up roofing debris.

    (Note to self: Licking an Asbestos shingle on a dare…
    SURE it may seem really fucking funny now….)

Gossip around CyberTown….

  • OOH! Juicy Gossip, involving SEX!
    And you all wonder why I love Tammy’s Web Spinner so much!
  • Get well soon to The Webmistress‘ daughter.
    (Rumor has it, she suffered her concussion battling Terrorists who were planting a bomb in a soccer field, or something…. Well, you know how fast Jo talks!)
  • Jeff Clark asked me a question today… he asked a lot of people the same question. Expect something colossally-monumentously-HUMONGOUS coming out of the Internet Brothers’ site soon… (But you didn’t hear it from me…SHHHH!)
  • Sorry to hear about your dad, Graham. I’m sure he’d be proud as hell of you.
    Reading Goodbye Mommy had a similar effect on me too. My mom never got to see any of her grandchildren, and it was the one thing she had always looked forward to…I wonder how many people picked up a phone, or remembered their parents after reading that story?

    Well, Mat FUckRock1 … in answer to your question? Because Zeldman writes from the heart, and hits the bullseye everytime.

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