Weekend Surf Picks

  • orsomething.org – Four girls posting their thoughts on one weblog…Very interesting. Hell, four girls doing *anything* together is interesting to me! :0)
  • The Hate Debate – My favorite Yahoo hangout (not telling you who I am). Post a topic, make friends, or trigger a flame war….it’s all in good fun. Current topic: Batman: Live and dissected. Who was the best Batman Director?
  • The Family Corner Magazine – Haven’t plugged Amanda’s site in a while. Great resources for parents of all types. Fun & freebies too. It’s a lot like EricBrooks.Com!®, except it understands responsibility. :0)
  • Who’s The Man? – Part-time writer for The Family Corner’s Eric Ruhalter. He’s got his own site, and his stories are funny as hell! I wouldn’t be your CyberPal if I didn’t share this gem with you. Prepare to laugh your ass off!
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