After this brief message….

Wheeeeee…. after having a four day vacation, earlier this week from the net, I may do it again…. I’ll probably build up my internet broadcasting empire(like I always dreamed) with a brand-spankin’ new E-TV – All Eric All The Time, more detailed features this time (since the first and only broadcast was in March).

What’s that?


Remind me again how much you jerk-offs are paying me to keep you fucking entertained??!?!

That’s it… all of you, OFF MY SITE….NOW!!!!!! You’re not allowed back here for THREE FUCKING MONTHS!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!



Wait… not you! I was talking to them…. we’re still cool, right?

Alright!!!! Here’s what’s going on….

  • Got the new Search Engine fixed. After almost 48 straight hours…. I figured out the problem… I have more crap on this site than this thing could index!!!! So I don’t have WHUZZUP! orEG2 Fonts indexed in it. Chances are, they’ll both get separate search engines.
  • WHUZZUPDATE – Coming out Sunday, to commemorate my upcoming “mid-life crisis” (scheduled 31 days from today) FREE GIVEAWAYS from a hidden location!!!! (psst… I suggest you subscribe, ASAP!)
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