Something About Faith…

Yes Matt, add me to the list of people who consider you a DAMN FOOL for turning down Damnbaby Diva’s marriage proposal. (For those of you who missed Pete Milan’s brilliant reasoning on this; a “Damnbaby” is a woman who will walk past your average, living, breathing male, and the first words that come out of his mouth are “DAAAAAAMN, BAY-BEE!“.). Which is now triggering men to “pop out of the woodwork” (subtle Freudian/Jung pun intended) and profess their lust for Faith. Question is: What the hell did I write to give everyone the impression that I was one of them? Sure she’s witty, intelligent, probably rich and a redhead (which so happens to be the top of the female food chain)… but I made a little harmless comment about the young lady sleeping in her underwear, that’s all. Even Carole grilled me for fucking hours over that one. I’m a flirt, not a cheat…big difference! To add insult to injury, “my pal” then diverts his obvious hornbag surges towards her, and throws ME in the hot seat! How fucking immature can you get???? Did I mention Graham Freeman’s DEFINITELY got a thing for Faith? Read the back entries (if you can) on Virulent Memes. Come on Graham…how transparent can you get???? Like you really had a bone to pick with the Divas…She is kinda cute, ain’t she?Don’t be shy, Matt… you know you want her…Besides, I’m just dyyyyyying to give that “Singing/Talking Bass” to someone as a wedding gift…. :0)

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