Anybody know any good retro sites?

I redid my design section in MySQL. The really cool part of it is the ability to turn the “display” on and off. I have a ton of work-related sites I can’t quite SHOW right now.

(If you recall, I was damn near …[explanation has gone bye-bye. If you missed it, oh well. Some things are more important than your entertainment, chuckles…]) Kinda going for an Archies/Lil' rascals thing here...

Aaaanyway… I got the “Redesign Bug” going on.
My new skin (Yes, the site is skinnable) is going to be a 1965 version of my site.

  • My four “spokescharacters” (Counterclockwise FROM top: CyberPal, Stress-Man, Bozilla the Clown and Randi) are all going to be kids. I drew rough sketches (Yes, with a pencil! I remembered how to use one!) last night.
  • CyberPal is going to have a Beatles suit
  • Stress-Man is going to have coke-bottle glasses and buck teeth. Kinda like the “Jughead” to CyberPal’s “Archie”… or the “Alfalfa/Spanky” axis, if you will (Yes, I know the Little Rascals are FROM the ’30’s, shut the fuck up… the younger kids don’t know that!)
  • The site will be ENTIRELY in black and white, of course. TV wasn’t in color until 1966, because there WAS no color in 1965, I guess.

So… are there any good Retro sites you guys can recommend for inspiration? Any ideas? Trends? Wanna contribute clip art?

(My popup announcing something is a satire is a good example of what I’m gunning for here…)

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