Attention, you Boneheads!!!!!

The entry below… was a SPOOF…a LAMPOON! (Gawd even close friends were concerned and wrote!) Yet more proof that hard-biting satire is a genetic trait with the Tribe called Brooks. That *was* Erika & Ashley (misspellings and all, drove me nuts!). I’m sure the fact that a nine and a seven year old being able to blog more interestingly than many of you, is probably making you feel pretty darn bad about yourselves right about now….

It should. You truly suck.

In fact, 99% of what you read here is pure satire (Yes, Carole & I were on Ricki Lake in ’94, and we *really* think Susan Rocks!…not to mention she’s a hottie…)… perhaps some of you take offense when it’s directed at you because you see a bit of stinging truth that you’d rather not face. I know I can take a look inside and laugh at myself… why can’t you all???? A war recently started over a fucking joke I did… I still can’t believe that happened… ya pompous morons!

If you are looking for Pearls of Wisdom in a more direct, serious fashion, I suggest

Lucid Confusion, particularly his pieces on not taking life too seriously and using the web as therapy (it’s a cold cruel web, kiddies!). Jeff doesn’t pull punches, and he tells it like it is.

Of course this is the same man who said: “Went to a wake for an in-law. Suddenly you realize, wow she’s got great legs”

Well… nobody’s perfect.
And hey, that just means more living, breathing women for me! :0)

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