Cursors and Glenn and Graham… oh my!

I’m proud as hell of this guy.

Alan Herrell (aka The Head Lemur) is running for the Board of Directors at ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ).

Should you vote for him because he’s always been a great friend to me, and one of my heroes???

No. That’s why I’m voting for him…>

You should vote for him because:

  • He was the glue that held the historical etoy/eToys protest together
  • He was the strongest supporter of May’s Million Mom March, keeping guns out of kid’s hands.
  • He exposed the Evils of Double-Click’s hidden agenda.
  • He continues to battle the injustices that corporations inflict on smaller websites at
  • He’s not gonna take any crap from these corporations looking to take the web away from you and me…
  • He’s not gonna let interNIC continue to “sell us down the river” everytime some fatcat corporation wants to steal your site from you…

Head On Down to Alan Herrell’s Campaign Headquarters for more information, what other issues he stands for, to make the web a better place for us.

To vote you have to sign up and become a Member-At-Large in ICANN (takes 30 seconds)

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