Greetings from your friendly neighborhood stalker. :0)

HAHAHAHA!!! I needed a good laugh tonight, and I got one. Someone drops some anonymous crap at my guestbook . One of my homies let me know why sweet lovable me, who just endured the week from hell (along my family) is getting this verbal abuse.

Check out Jenett’s latest antics
(I originally wasn’t going to post anything… but this stuff keeps backfiring on him. It’s beginning to look like a “Wile E.Coyote/Road Runner Cartoon.. hee hee!!!!)

  • He’s posting private emails I sent him on the internet from last year.
  • Siccing brainwashed dogs over here, attacking me, without even asking my side of the story….
  • And he’s calling ME a stalker and I’M slandering HIM…. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Sorry, you ain’t my type. I’m flattered though

Sure he’s got the right to say what he wants on his site…(Personally, I think posting private Emails was pretty low, as well as calling me a stalker… when it ain’t me who looks obsessed here).

….But so can I.
And apparently I do it so much better. :0)
* Note: Half the crap he posted was from the summer of 1999.

* I’ve been over it for quite a while. This is all about HIM trying to get attention and have his ego stroked.
* He’s got the right to reject people, and I have the right to be furious about being rejected and express my feelings on the matter here in MY SITE.
* I also reserve the right to make fun of anyone I want
(especially when I know I hit a nerve)…END OF STORY!

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