Dissed & Dissmissed

I was SNUBBED by the techno-elite this weekend….SCREW THEM!!!! So much for hobknobbing with the creme de la creme of the web designing world. They treated me like some amateur…so just to prove a point…I am now employing CSS and DHTML in all of my work….WHY??? BECAUSE I CAN! I am not the amateur they made me feel. What, just because I never had my own computer before October, and just started web design?

Well, hey smart@$$es….I was reading since I was 4, and had a college-level reading/comprehension since 3rd grade….

I’m a quick learner.

If babbling in high tech terms (which the average person doesn’t understand)….and providing clients with lame web pages with little or no OOMPH, is what it takes to be in the club…well then COUNT ME OUT!!!

You are my people now. I will never leave you again.

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