In the Newz…..

  • Awwww…. I sent Keith & Jennifer Brown a card for their anniversary. Happy 4th Anniversary, guys! It’s so cute to see folks are still in love after four years of marriage. :*)
  • Dan… Red Cricket Rocks! Discussion boards, Industry News, and hysterical cartoons with superhero dolls… I mean, who could ask for more???
  • Brazillian Designer Luiz Carlos Magela just unveiled his brand new website. It’s in SpanishPortuguese and in English…AND it’s totally asskicking!!!! Mr. Magela & I go WAAAAY back to the days when our sites were on XOOM, and we’ve been linked forever! YOU RULE, BRO!!!!(Thanks to Cosmic Diva for pointing out that it wasn’t Spanish. Luiz is too polite, and I thought my understanding of Spanish has slipped since the old Bushwick days!)
  • Speaking of dolls, Waferbaby is proud to announce their Jeffrey Zeldman and Nick D Action figures. (Webmistress coming soon!). They’re cool. Waferbaby worked really hard on them, and is so proud that he came out with the idea of Web Designer Action figures first. And since you & I such nice people, we’re gonna let him think that, right? 😉
  • Oooookay… I admit maybe I stretched the truth just a little about me & Faith’s trip to Florida. Sure I was invited… but I have a SERIOUS problem with being told I have to sit in the back seat, while a Pug gets to ride shotgun, okay? Besides, it’s apparent that the better man has won. She still wants ya dude… of course, so does she, and so does she… and I’m sure I’m leaving a ton of chicks out…It’s official: Matt Rossi is a Web Stud. (And my new hero!)

I’m too lazy to do “Weekend Surf Picks“… so check out all of the great sites above…. See Ya! Oh yeah… Happy Birthday to my homie… JOHN PANASIK…. I love ya, man!

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