Random WHUZZUP®s…

  • Jayde Skies – How absolutely ironic that the site that inspired me to find a 3-D program liked my “CyberPal” doll so much. (Hi Jayde!).If anyone’s interested in Free Stuff: I used Anim8or, a free 3D/Animation program to make it.
  • Offering the peace pipe to Graham (once again)… I just got off the phone with Mattel, and the “Grudnuk” doll is coming out in the next series (along with the “Mr. Jenkins” and the Matt Rossi blow-up” dolls.)…HAPPY NOW???
  • With Matt gone, The Webmistress has been given the burdenous tasks of keeping me entertained and out of trouble. She delivers with her hysterical new version of “Footprints In The Sand“.Jeez, first Zeldman rips her ideas and content off… now K10K???? Take it as a compliment, sweetie!
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