WalkingBitch’s White Trash Diner – Now this is how it’s done folks! LMAO!!! Consider this site bookmarked. And a happy belated birthday to you ….

Torrez.Org – Another hysterical blog. There ya go, bro!

The following links courtesy of THE coSmic diVa‘s world. They are *so much cooler* than these blogging dorks I’m trying so hard to impress….

And to my friends…
Matt Rossi
(On Emperor Ming defeating Flash Gordon and conquering the earth) “…And would Dr. Fu Manchu have stood by while some alien parody of himself menaced his world?“.

Dude, are you AWARE of how much of a genius you are????

Jon and The Webmistress were the only two people who seemed to appreciate my spur-of-the-moment Haikuing abilities. Jon is currently working on another Discussion Forum, looking for input…

The Webmistress feels I need to do more to fit in with the weblog community. Well, I have held these “generators” in contempt since I was told my color is “brown” (WTF is that supposed to mean??? I can only think of one thing that’s brown, and I ain’t talkin’ Chocolate! I wanted to be BLACK or BLUE even! Hell, I’d settle for RED!!!). No “Bond Girl Name” for me… and it’s been 3 days since they have indexed my site at that stupid “most linked” site and they still ain’t done….

Fitting in with the Blog community

How about a “list”? They’re awfully popular…

Hmmmm… let’s see….

Why Doesn’t The CyberPal of Millions (or 400,000 in his first year) have an i2k button?

5. I was turned down because Coolstop feels that this site sucks.
4. Joe Jenett can’t stand me.
3. The feeling’s mutual.
2. Being the #3 Webbie World People’s Pick is reward enough for me.
1. If offered at this point.. I’d tell Mr. Jenett to SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS!

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