[#Script #Coding] Learn Terraform (and AWS) by Building a Dev Environment – Full Course for Beginners

Learn Terraform (and AWS) by Building a Dev Environment – Full Course for Beginners

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Apr 11, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Learn Terraform basics as you utilize Visual Studio Code (On Windows, Mac, or Linux!) to deploy AWS resources and an EC2 instance that you can SSH into to have your own redeployable environment.

    Course Contents

  • Welcome and Setup (0:00)
  • What We’re Going to Build
  • AWS IAM Setup
  • Local Environment Setup
  • Let’s Build! (7:22)
  • AWS Provider and Terraform Init
  • A VPC and Terraform Apply
  • The Terraform State
  • Terraform Destroy
  • A Subnet and Referencing
  • An IGW and Terraform fmt
  • A Route Table
  • A Route Table Association
  • A Security Group
  • An AMI Datasource
  • A Key Pair
  • An EC2 Instance
  • Userdata and the File Function
  • SSH Config Scripts
  • The Provisioner and Templatefile
  • The Deployment and Replace
  • Variables
  • Variable Precedence
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Outputs
  • Conclusion

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