Site update…Newz & Gossip

  • Font Site – Sorry… knee-deep in a redesign project. Still gonna be a few more days. 
  • Updated the related links at WHUZZUP! to make room for new ones… it was kinda painful to remove two of them. SKIZZ was one of the coolest guys I ever met on the web. And wherever Amber Eden is right now… I hope she’s doing well rebuilding her life, and finds a way to get in touch. I wish her all the very best, and I miss her terribly.
  • Faith takes cabs back and forth to work again – A sure sign that New York City is going back to normal. Now if only she’d start taking more spy pics of that cute secretary of hers again…Funny thing about mass transit in NYC. My mother always told me “there was at least one wierdo on every train or bus”. All the years I rode the “M” train, I never saw one. :0)
  • On Metafocker: Chinese food. Is it chicken? Is it cat? Do you really care?
  • Dammit…leave Joe alone! – Apparently some insensitive bastard ruined Joe Jennet’s day yesterday. His site was reviewed, and they used a screenshot of his site without his permission. He went apeshit.So he asked for opinions. “Was he right or wrong?”

    And some idiot told the truth…

    “Joe, with all due respect… I’m trying to figure out if you’re just partially or totally nuts. Someone reviews your site, and you’re going anal about a screenshot? I don’t get it.
    (I just bet some people that this will be deleted the second you see it.)”

    This is a guy who surrounds himself with people that only tell him what he wants to hear… you can’t post stuff like that?!!??

    Let me catch the jerk responsible… I’ll kick his ass for making my friend Joe cry like that.

  • This week’s tutorial at HTML Goodies: So, You Want A Pop-Under Window, Huh?. A great tutorial that show us all how to make Pop-under ads. They’re great. They hide behind a page, so people can get what they want, and read your pop-up later… which makes them very useful and effective.
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