The Frank Frazetta Connection

Oh Lookie! Your CyberPal has made yet another reference to Illustration God Frank Frazetta.

This one appeared on Sunday’s splash page of the Pocono Record

Jerry Herring of Bloomington, IN, an avid admirer of famed local artist Frank Frazetta, looks at one of his paintings during the grand opening of the Frazetta museum at the family complex in East Stroudsburg Saturday.
Jason Farmer/Pocono Record

Hmmmm… now one may speculate why Your CyberPal (hereafter referred to as “Ye Olde Burnt-Out Designer”) has been sucking up to the Poconos’ other famous resident.

It could be (and this is a really THIN theory) that Pocono Record’s Online Director, Patrick Mullen (hereafter referred to as “Saturday’s Birthday Boy”, or “Ye Young Slave Driver…”), is an avid golfer, and good friends with the owner of Stroudsburg’s Golf World store… none other than Frank Frazetta Jr..

Should said Slave Driver manage to get said Burnt-out Designer to sacrifice two of the three hours a sleep he gets a night to work on some cool specs for the Golf World site… there is a chance that this burnt-out designer can meet said Legendary father.


Kids… this is why Vivarins is not a substitute for sleep….the best I could come up for “Golf World”

Yes… Patrick reads WHUZZUP!. Have I mentioned what a cool boss he is? :0)

(Originally supposed to be posted on Sunday, but my site was down most of the weekend due to server upgrades)

P.S. Kare is back… YAY! (via Jon Sullivan, can ya believe it????)


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