Tortilla Man LIVES!!!!

Ya know… I should check my links more often.

Tortilla man!

Back in 2000, Richard Rubin hired me to design “Tortilla Man” (or at least that’s what I call him) and the “La Tortilla Loca” logo , and we were going to design his website next. Nicest guy you could ever work with. We lost touch shortly after that, and I assumed he never got a website done or the product out. So I put the project in my “Dead In The Water” section (Did I really write “indistry”??? JEEZ!).

Well… had I bothered to click on the link to in the last four years I would have known he did INDEED get a website. (And the guys at kt Webdesigns did a great job too.).

La Tortilla Loca

As Richard wrote me recently: “Eric, all is alive and well, we are selling 1,000’s of our tortilla warmers and the the logo you designed is still going strong, we are far from DEAD IN THE WATER’ as you state on your site.

See what happens when you assume kids? LOL!

Well I think this is great news and if there’s anyone I wanted to see make a success of his ideas it was him! Congratulations Richard, and LONG LIVE TORTILLA MAN!!!! 😀
(Now I gotta move that out of Dead in the Water and make it a logo design entry.)

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