Why nobody likes me (Part 2,153)

(As always, I’m posting on a time-delay due to hospital restrictions)

So, Friday was “Employee Appreciation Day“. Always a cool thing they do here every year… free food, raffles, door prizes, your supervisor serves you. Tres kewl.


Yadda, yadda, yadda. Friday’s done.
Saturday morning, I come in… and much to my surprise, the vending machine is *STILL* dispensing free soda.

WOO HOO! Breakfast is served.

By the afternoon, with no word or warning, tragedy struck.
With a small handfull of staff present to witness the horror of the once-benevolent vending machine from hell suddenly having the nerve to demand money from me again!

I mutterred to myself, as I punched the mechanical demon (who appeared to be mocking me):
“Dammit, no more free sodas, and there’s not enough people here on a weekend to have a proper office rampage!!!!”

Two guys heard me too.
You would think after all this time I’ve been there, people would know when I speak of mass-murder and extreme carnage… I’M ONLY KIDDING.

Tomorrow: -e- will attempt to rationalize why no one why no one wants to sit with him in the office cafeteria, and is forced to eat lunch *ALONE* every day. :0(

(Well… sometimes my parole officer or therapist comes in to keep me company.)

4 thoughts on “Why nobody likes me (Part 2,153)

  1. Just think of it this way,at least you don’t have to sit there and listen to someone talk about something that you’re not interested in at all.I like the new look but I liked the much darker one you had better.

  2. Aw thanks, Nico…same here.
    It’s all good over here. Hope things start to look up for you soon…

    Well, Tammie, Faith and I switched costumes for Halloween.

    We were talking about this last night… nobody is more “weirded out” over this than we are. We noticed that our designs are just as much a part of the message as our words. These looks are just *SO* not us… Maybe I’ll do a “Pocono Minute” or take pictures of my cat, Puddy.

    This is definitely an idea for blogland to think about for April Fool’s day… the potential for satire here is limitless… hee hee.

  3. But it’s so much easier to talk to yourself if you have your own table….

    I know, that’s what I tell you all the time.

    Oh hush.

    Who said that?

    *blink blink*

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