Congratulations. You win.

No stupid weblog is worth me either losing my job, or having those I love more than life itself, taken away from me again.

Well, this will be my last ever post with Kare or Nico in it.

Kare talks of contacting my boss, knowing damn well he has nothing to do with this site, neither does my ISP host it.

She also talks of “other avenues” she can take if that doesn’t work.
I know damn well what that means. They don’t deserve this shit, but you don’t care. I ignored your garbage for the longest time, so you resort to attacking those closest to me.

She’s in a tizzy over a post from a week ago, and is demanding her link removed. This comes from the same person famous for saying “I have the right to say whatever I want. If you don’t like it, don’t come here.”

Apparently, I *DON’T* have that right. Or to even simply link to a page where she’s bashing me. At least not without a cost of something important.

Hey, even though I’ll remove the link… she’ll still follow up with her threats and do it anyway.

Judging by everyone’s silence and desire to “move on and have peace”…
I assume everyone is ok with this sort of threatening behavior?

I’m too busy with real life problems and I need to uncomplicate my web life anyway.
I know when to walk away from a fight I can’t win.
Congratulations, Kare, you win.

*Walks away, gets on with his life… *

Some examples of the e-mails I’ve been getting. *DO* note that these are her writing me, some of these are *after* I’ve asked her to stop contacting me.

After I informed her that I will be automatically deleting her emails, she began writing with a new email address.

9 thoughts on “Congratulations. You win.

  1. I can’t believe that people can take the time and energy to fight over simple nonsense. Let it go. There are more important things in life…..
    Let it go……..
    Let it go…………….
    Let it go……………….

    amen, brother…

    isn’t there enough sadness in the world??
    Move on.
    Shows over.
    Beat feet…
    get out…….
    make like a tree and leave……….


  2. At least she has sense enough to conceal most of her petty lunacy to email. Quite frankly, going to one’s boss (nevermind ISP) is beyond the pale for comments made on forums and blogs that are derogatory to you.

    I can accept the fact that people that don’t like me will say shit about me I don’t like. I have the freedom to not visit those sites where just crap is being posted. Being rude is one thing and messing with a person’s job and most likely that person’s family is another indeed.

    Of course, these are brave words coming from a semi-employed user of someone else’s free dialup acount.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I mean, I’ve been getting a lot of letters tonight about this… from people that are actually afraid to be the next target of her scorn but can’t believe someone can stoop this low.

    But at least people are seeing the sick shit I’ve had to put up with for a while now…

    I want to see who can possibly condone something like this and why. She’s gone too far.

    Thank you, John.

  4. “Judging by everyone’s silence and desire to “move on and have peace”…
    I assume everyone is ok with this sort of threatening behavior?”

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but my ‘silence’ had everything to do with bored saturation regarding this ongoing soap opera and nothing to do with ‘being okay’ with threats. I think you’re both being way to the left of ridiculous about this. Certainly it could be taken to email and left there. This constant egging of people to choose a side and get freakishly self-righteous about whose side one is on is gettiing very, very tired. I like you both. But you’re both making me roll my eyes back into my head. Enough already.

  5. This constant egging of people to choose a side and get freakishly self-righteous about whose side one is on is gettiing very, very tired

    Jen, I’m not asking *anyone* to take sides. There’s nothing to take sides over… it’s done, and I lost. (and hell, I’m more tied of it than *ANYONE*, she’s been taunting me and goading me into this fight for over a month now.)

    I’m simply laying down my case, telling my side of the story, and expecting everyone to think for themselves…

    When it gets to a point where my job and my family are being threatened, IT’S OVER. If giving her a victory is what it takes to get her the hell away from me, I’m fine with that.

    I have a ton of projects and creative ideas in the works, and a digital empire to rebuild, that’s a good enough reason for me to move on, and put this trivial bullshit behind me. As far as legal action goes… I’m *seriously* thinking about it.

  6. You know, I’m all for letting feuding parties sort/fight things out between themselves without feeling the need to take sides…… however
    contacting someone’s boss over words on a personal website is the lowest. I am absolutely dumbfounded that someone would go to that extreme.


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