Dear Debbie…

Contrary to popular opinion, Jon Sullivan and I have pretty much been laughing our asses off over the Kaycee fiasco.

Think about the “Suzie” episode on Seinfeld.

You laughed. I heard it.
She got us good, didn’t she?

Sure we were hurt, dismayed, shocked, lost our faith in humanity, locked ourselves in a room, curled in a fetal position, wouldn’t eat our dessert…

But it was great.

When you guys are all done being mad at Debbie (assuming she exists…) I would like to welcome her into my very small (but probably larger that your…) circle of friends.

Any woman that can move so many people with her words like that is one hell of a writer and has my respect. She’s probably a better writer than Lance Arthur, Jeffrey Zeldman and Halcyon combined.

Hell, maybe even a better writer than me…
Ok, let’s not go overboard now. ;0)

Whaddya say Debbie, wanna be buddies?
The rest of you, get over yourselves, okay?

4 thoughts on “Dear Debbie…

  1. I thought I was the only person who found the whole thing even mildly amusing. I mean, I was sad when KayCee "died", but when I found out it was all a hoax, I laughed my ass off. So yeah, maybe I’m gullible, but I really don’t mind admitting it. It’s not like I’d be happier if a 19 year old had REALLY died, you know?

  2. Imagine my shock today when someone from the Peabody Gazette contacted me at work (Us newspaper folk got a kinda bond going)… There really is a Debbie Swenson. We’re all keeping each other posted with our findings. Stay tuned!

  3. Eric, as far as apologies go, I don’t think you owe anybody an apology – except maybe the couple thousand people you scammed out of votes. Oh, and maybe the people you so cruelly addressed in some of your posts. And your mother, for being such a disappointment.

  4. "except maybe the couple thousand people you scammed out of votes"

    ??? You can’t be serious…

    "maybe the people you so cruelly addressed in some of your posts"
    …a bunch of high & mighty morons that have skeletons of their own in the closet. They deserved it and more.

    "And your mother, for being such a disappointment. "

    … I’ll dig her up and tell her you said that (since she died in 1989).

    … Of course I can consider the source here: A LOSER who doesn’t have the spine to sign their real name

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