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  1. It’s not necessarily true that everything we know is because someone told us. Much that I know I know because I experienced it firsthand, not because I was told or read it somewhere.

  2. No one warned you ahead of time that childbirth was painful??? How cruel!

    No really think about it…

    We know the color red is "red" because a parent or teacher told us… your parents told you about Santa Claus, and in the third grade this annoying kid sitting behind you (you know, the one who kept chewing off his erasers?) told you he didn’t exist. A teacher told you 1+1=2… (ad infinitum).

    Socrates always said: "Our truths are always based on our points of view"

    … or was that Obi Wan Kenobi in "Return Of The Jedi"… ehh whatever.

  3. Yes, but I also know the river is cold and dangerous this time of year because I’ve been in it.
    I know people can lie because I’ve been lied to.
    I know having a baby hurts like hell because I’ve done it twice.
    We could exchange color names but the color would remain the same. ‘A rose by any other name….’

    And there’s a lot to be said for experience. Not to mention a lot to be learned. My son, now, knows the stove really is as hot as I told him.

    "But it depends on what your definition of ‘is’, is." 🙂

  4. "I know having a baby hurts like hell because I’ve done it twice. "

    Well, *I* know having a baby hurts like hell because:

    A) Dozens of women have told me so.
    B) Most movies & TV shows have women in agony during childbirth scenes.
    C) Carole has damn near broken my fingers all three times in the delivery room.

    I thought that was supposed to be "A pain you forget???". The other day she saw a newborn and said "AWWWW let’s have another baby!"

    My hand started hurting. ;0)

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