I’m not blogging about you. Really.

“…hopelessly in love with Eric (though goodness knows why, I mean, been there, done that, and well, let’s just call it performance anxiety shall we). ”
-Faith –

Hah hahahahaha!!!! Oh man I feel sorry for that poor g…



  • John called me an “idiot” privately (and asshole publicly, and repeatedly… but with a lot of love) for the “delinking threat”
  • Batgrl and I argued for days over it
  • Daphne said said I was “being petty”
  • Solonor and Robyn only did that spectacular demonstration in support of Maria
  • Poor confused Lisa wants to know if “Redneck” is considered a race (and do I hate “their kind” too?)…
  • Now this FROM Faith???? YEESH!!!!

The Score:
Lackies and flunkies that delisted because I told them to: 0
Minions and Blind Loyalists who supported my idiotic remark: 0
Friends who put me in my place: I lost count. Honest.

EricBrooks.Com® – Either surrounded by friends that think for themselves, and are more than happy to put a foot up my ass when I’m dead wrong…

…Or I’m surrounded by “Blindly loyal” flunkies in dire need of seeeeerious disciplinary action for thier recent treasonous actions against thier Ruthless Overlord™, or something…

You tell me which scenario sounds about right.

PS: Anyone else who wishes to beat on that poor dead horsie… he’s REALLY dead, stuffed, and sitting next to fucking “Trigger” in Roy Roger’s empty-ass house…

… guarded by PETA (even though he’s REALLY dead, it’s STILL animal abuse, ok?). What was that story about those Japanese soldiers in the jungle that didn’t know WWII was over? How did that go again??? uhm, point is, nobody cares anymore, ok?

18 thoughts on “I’m not blogging about you. Really.

  1. Naw… someone out there thinks I have minions and hench-people around here somewhere… like I’m the Princess of the Bloggiverse™ or something. :0)

  2. I volunteer to be a minion, but only if I can still be a convenience enthusiast (read: lazy) and do whatever I want.

  3. Well damn the secret it out about us ~ I tried to keep it quiet I really did *S* ~ HA ~ hey I’m blonde I have no idea what is going on but wanted to stop by and say hello *wink*

  4. “Well damn the secret it out about us”
    No it isn’t!!!! Shhhhhhh! *wink*

    I’m such a slut.

  5. but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~e~ the slut in you is so mmmmmmmmmm well that will be just “our little secret” *wink*

  6. I visited an old favorite site of the crew’s. Their pictures just say it much better than I…

    Oh yeah, and…

    (Just let me know when I’ve gone too far, ok guys?)

  7. Too far? I guess that depends on how long the pier really is. These days it seems like it’s going on forever 😉

  8. Sara, sweetie…
    nobody’s sicker of it than I am. You’d think new URL, new name… she’d find something else to talk about. Surely there must be someone else’s bunny to throw in the ol’ boiling pot by now…

    Just like the summer when CPS had me down she had to take the opportunity to kick me. She thought I was down for this one too. She thought wrong.

    Some people will never grow up….

    Oh, I’m sorry… I REALLY thought you said “one more”. oopsie.

  9. I know you’re talking about me, E. My ears are burning. lol … Seriously, I’ve added my two cents worth at Faith’s and you’ll have to go there to see what you’re getting for your money. Now, stop talking about me. 😉

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