Pocono Record: Under Siege!

Yup… that’s your CyberPal, right there with the Editor, Publisher, and Editorial Editor… um, well, basically laughing at the buffoons picketing the Pocono Record. (Story at the Pocono Record site).

David Kidwell/Pocono Record
At the Pocono Record offices, staffers (from left) Web page designer Eric Brooks, Editor Kim DeBourbon, Publisher Carolynn Allen-Evans, Editorial page Editor Paula Heeschen.
David Kidwell /Pocono Record

Actually, we were *all* at the window chuckling at this makeshift parade… supposedly an unknown group of contractors protesting the way the Pocono Record has portrayed the home-building industry in Matt Birkbeck’s Special Report.

Out of the 200 people there (I still say 130-150) there were, maybe, 30 men there, that could pass as contractors. The rest were women, children and dogs (with posterboards taped on their back).

We’re all lined up against the windows, yelling “Hey pal, what’s under the kilt??!!??”, “What? no eggs or tomatoes?”. Photographers David Kidwell and Jason Farmer snapping up pics of the protesters outside.

Well, that’s the front page of today’s Pocono Record. If you can get up here and grab a copy, hurry up, because it’s selling like hotcakes, and the same people holding up signs that say “BOYCOTT POCONO RECORD” are buying up 5 or 6 copies for their friends and family because their names & pictures are in the paper…

Am I the only one who sees the irony in that? :0)

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