What a friggin’ day!

Redesigned the site… of course, I can’t get the damn search engine to work….

My Referrer log is going nuts as Skizz debuts his latest masterpiece: “Designer Minds“… of course his server must have crashed because I haven’t had a chance to see it yet…. cool questions too. Stufff that you really have to think about… none of that “What’s your favorite color” crap. This is Skizz we’re talkin’ about… SKIZZ IS THA FUTURE, BOYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Faith sleeps in her undies… tee hee! She said some other stuff too, I don’t remember….

The Giglio - Click on image for a larger view.The Tribe called Brooks was in Brooklyn on Sunday for the final night of the Feast at Our Lady Of Mount Carmel. Our mission was threefold: To visit Uncle John (who is the Religious Educational Director there.) To see the Giglio (5 stories high, weighs several tons, lifted by a hundred testosterone-charged Italian men, and carried up and down the block.). And to get Steak & Mozzarella heros… (which of course were SOLD OUT).

Fuck it, I’m going to bed
(Picture of the Giglio courtesy of Doug Safranek)

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