Virus Alert: VBS/VBSWG.X worm

No sooner did I get this notification from Proland Software, that at least three of these emails turned up in our mailboxes at work.

I set my message rules to delete any mail with the subject that these worms have once I get these notifications.

I can’t recommend “Protector Plus” enough. I’ve used Norton Antivirus on several occasions and caught at least two viruses because their scan turned clean and I clicked on files I normally would never… they suck.

Be careful out there kiddies…

Redesign update: Thanx for all the positive responses, and thanks for all the the “Mother’s Day” submissions. There’s still more time to get those pics in. Deadline is Saturday afternoon….

I’m working out all of the Netscape/IE issues… and it’s going to be a while before the site is totally done.

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