Smart Street fighting on the Internet

Anyone can be a tough-talking internet badass. Making threats and intimidating people in blog comments and message boards. You see it all the time with the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. All you need is a big mouth, a screenname and some anonymous surfing program. Taking a stand while hiding behind a BIG wall of anonymity?

Big deal… You’re a WUSS!

Now when you put your REAL NAME out there. Your reputation and business on the line? That’s balls!

The big news this week was the thousands of people revolting on Digg over posts regarding the DVD HD encryption code being posted as they removed it and banned the members.

Then, Digg founder Kevin Rose surprised everyone by blogging about it and posting the encryption code!

It’s not about the encryption code anymore. It’s become a symbolic fight against censorship and those companies and corporate bullies we love to hate…

…but with a catch, do you support piracy?

It’s a false dilemma. Choosing the lesser of two evils when you have a 3rd hidden option.

I support people trying to protect their intellectual property. I also oppose some of the ridiculous laws and corporate bullying going on by the AACS, RIAA, MPAA and any other DRM group. A lot more than I oppose piracy, but not enough to condone one evil over another.

So I present you another false dilemma:
You’re in a street fight. You opponent is way bigger than you. What do you do?

a) Don’t back down and get your ass kicked.
b) Run away and look like a wuss in front of everyone.

BZZT! BOTH WRONG! The answer is….
c) You hire an even BIGGER MOTHERFUCKER to take down your opponent.
(Do I have to do ALL the thinking for you?)

The Tiki Lounge has a great discussion about it, as well as Problem Adults. If you support Digg and Kevin Rose and the stand they’re taking, rather than stand there chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!”, you can help him by keeping this issue in the spotlight and by supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

They’re bigger. They’re badder and they take on these kinds of censorship cases all the time. Join the EFF and give till it hurts.

Join the EFF! Support Blogger's Rights

Zango (Adware Scum): Booted from the Better Business Bureau

I’d really like to hear how they got into the President’s Club of the BBB in the first place. Hasn’t anyone over there heard of that Google thingy?

(Hat Tip: Lolo, the Ninja strikes again!)

Hackers gear up for month of MySpace bugs

You know what the problem is with h@x0rz? They have the same mentality as your run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern terrorists. They TRULY believe deep down inside that they are the “good guys” and whatever collateral damage they cause is totally justified. *eyeroll*

Given, it’s an insult to call most MySpacers “retards” (An insult to mentally retarded people, that is), buuut….

Striking a blow against Web monoculture, or News Corp., or something

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Justice: Internet Style

If you’re not familiar with LoLo, he’s probably one of the best scambusters there is. His posts exposing the fake girl profiles on MySpace or the Truth about the Adult Dating Websites should be required reading for idiots that really think some 21 year old blonde hottie wants them (and their credit card) bad…. (*snicker*)

In October (sorry, I’m slow here.) he helps expose and bust a child predator on MySpace….

Now this is prime humiliation. Justice at its finest… and a lesson to parents everywhere. I love LoLo’s style! 😀

Parents… watch your kids online, or guys like Chip will do it for you.

News and Gossip

Comic Books to Soldiers in Iraq – “We have a ton of overstock back issues that will never sell in our store. Our customers don’t generally buy back issues. They buy the trades.Regardless of your stance on the War or your politics in Washington, there are Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors stationed overseas that are just like you and me. They are our friends, brothers, sisters, moms and dads, and they should have comics.”

I couldn’t agree more. It’s little gestures like these that show the men and women in our military that we love ’em and appreciate all they do. The idea was cooked up by A Comic Shop’s owner Jason Blanchard who served our country honorably for 6 years. He hopes other comic shops will follow suit and we all spread the word. Way to go, Jason!

Online Community for the Poconos – FINALLY! A fun place for people living in the Poconos to get together, share information, and do it in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Continue reading “News and Gossip”

Protecting your site from a ‘Joe Job’

If you’ve ever had anyone spoof your website email and spam people in your name, you need to check this out:

Essentially, a Joe Job is a very crude form of identity theft. Your email address is used as the “sender’s address” in most cases, and your Website URL is advertised, but an especially diligent and vicious attacker may even use your name in the signature of the message. The email will not only be sent to thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of addresses, but it will be sent multiple times — possibly dozens or hundreds — to each recipient before the attack ends.

Dillian Thomas from BoxedArt.Com writes a great article with what you and your clients need to do to protect yourselves.

(Btw… that’s JOE job, with a “J“… you don’t want one of these. trust me.)

It’s 10PM. Do you know where your malignant websites are?

Ever use Anonymizer on MySpace? Besides the anonymous surfing, it serves to filter out known malignant websites…. many of whom serve ads there.

You may recall back in July when a malignant ad affected millions there, and Tom urged everyone to upgrade their flash player?

Check this out…

A box ad blocked by Anonymizer
Here is the message that Anonymizer gives you:
The site you are attempting to access has been flagged by Anonymizer’s Malicious Site Filter. Anonymizer blocks many sites used for spyware, viruses, spam robots, phishing scams, and other privacy violations.If you understand that Anonymizer has indicated that this site is dangerous, but you would like to see the page anyway, please select one of the options below.We strongly advise that you do not visit this site.


Tower ad from bulletins page... BLOCKEDBut that’s not the only place this is happening. Some ads go through and some don’t. Here is another screenshot from tonight. A tower ad on the bulletins page was blocked. Certain Leaderboard ads on top has been blocked as well.

  • Rockstar: Supernova
  • Mates1
  • Classmates.Com
  • Webalize.Com

  • Are all ok and show, but the others are being blocked by Anonymizer for some reason.

    Could be something serious. Could be nothing.

    I certainly have no problem with MySpace collecting information with cookies (I believe it’s in the TOS I agreed to.), but anonymizer doesn’t just block ads or sites for little or no reason.

    Does this mean several ad servers have been blocked by Anonymizer? Or is it the ads themselves? Is there still a threat of malignant adware or trojans being transmitted? Is this just part of the business of what they do to give their customers “free” service?

    I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask….

    Blast FROM the past

    Wow… how cool is this?

    While searching for, *ahem*, me, on the web (oh shut up! You do it too, ok?), I stumbled on someone who saved “Casualties of the Browser Wars“… which I wrote in 1999 for the now-defunct Internet Day news site.

    I also scored a lot of design gigs over that article too. And, Oh… the death threats I got FROM Netscape fan(atic)s all over the world was awesome. They were coming in for weeks!!! :0)
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    Help me, you techie nerds!

    To those in the Cabal of the hidden society of people who run the web (though we don’t exist)… I apologize for missing the meeting today and giving my monthly statistics and logistics report.

    I get to the site to log in and this shit pops up on my screen. Telling me I’m being investigated, my ISP is cooperating and I have a big problem.

    All because I went to a password-protected site???
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    Hey did you get an email that said

    Possible Virus – Check Your C: Drive“?

    • Did you follow the instructions?
    • Did you search for sulfnbk.exe?
    • Did you delete this file?

    Congratulations. You’re an idiot.

    Sulfnbk.exe was put in Windows98 to restore long filenames. It’s a hoax.
    And you just deleted this file because one of your AOL “Forwarding friends” told you to.

    For more information on this hoax, check out Antivirus.About.Com.

    About ten of these emails have hit my inbox… and counting.

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