Stalking the Stalker

(Looking for the “Chris Powers recap”? It’s right here.)

Holeee shit!!!!!
Annatopia has just shown us, step-by-step, how any stalker can easily and legally access all sorts of information about you.
Everything FROM your driver’s license, mortgage info, even your telephone number and an aerial view of your home…

And, ironically she uses Chris Powers himself as the subject… oh the silly irony of it all!

While I’m normally not too terribly keen on so much of one’s personal information on display like that… any sick, twisted predator can have your whole life on his screen just like that.

Anna offers some great tips to protect yourself, and a site ( offering advice, and reporting sick demented individuals to the proper authorities.

Do NOT sit around expecting “someone else” to blow the whistle…
YOU DO IT. RIGHT NOW! It’s confidential. Don’t even tell me you did it in my comments box.

I tested Anna’s methods above on our favorite illiterate, Lisa.

Oh yes!!! I got everything FROM her welfare case number to the exact lot & trailer park she’s living in. Here’s the aerial shot:
I’m as surprised at her lavish lifestyle as you are!

*cracking knuckles*
I’m just getting warmed up here. 😀

12 thoughts on “Stalking the Stalker

  1. I still think that whole thing is a put-on by somebody.

    Ooh… scaaaaary thought!!!! Maybe it’s that gOdOfMiScHiEf guy (remember him?) He mimicked KayCee & her mom in a post perfectly. Right down to the vivid descriptions on the sunset, to her misspellings of “talanted”.

    And he thought the creator of the Rack Browser should have been castrated too. :0) Hmmmmmm….

    Oh chill out you clowns!!! I’m only kidding.
    We ALL know the gOdOfMiScHiEf was just an “Urban Legend”, right?

  2. Well if it’s him, what in the heck did I do to him for all that venom? The only person I can think of that hates me that much…wait…I can’t. 🙂

  3. Eeeee, that is too funny! I read the PITA girl’s entry (and how ironic that she happens to be a pain in the ass!). I understand defending your friend’s actions and all, but shit, he was messing with MINORS!

    I hope you don’t mind if I link you. I think reading this blog could improve even the worst of days.

  4. btw, I couldn’t find a contact link, but I hand code my blog (so I don’t bother with archives) and my entry you have linked to in one of your entries is about to be taken down. I am posting it on its own page, with a word of warning at the top, if you’d like to change the url to . If not, I will have the link posted on my site for as long as anyone wants to link to it.

  5. I love the aerial shot of the purple stars chick’s house! That’s pretty much what I imagined it would look like! Have you been to the 14 year old’s site? She took her pic down, and all the other info!! We at least got through to her!! That makes me happy. She’s learned a hard and damaging lesson, but at least she learned it. Too bad it was at the expense of her childhood. ::sighs::

  6. Dear e,

    My friends and I would love a chance to have this guy try and meet us in public places. Especially my one friend who has been itching to get in a fight since he got out of prison. He’d kick his ass and I would record the event with my camera. Unfortunately none of us look like 14-year-old girls. How can we get a little ultra-violence?

  7. I read that post linked to… and I still don’t know who the purple stars chick is.

    At any rate, just as with the whole “i’m gonna delink you” – “I hate you you delinked me!” thing…
    I think it’s a mistake to blog being stalked. It just gives celebrity to the perp.

    It’s like that one crazy chick who’s been raped 3 times and stalked 3 times, and she’s blogging her whole relationship with the stalker. Obviously, people are using the word “stalker” pretty loosely – because that girl was blogging about her phone conversations with the guy. In my mind, if someone’s stalking me, I’m screening my calls. So one wonders…

  8. I looked up that chick that was blogging her “stalking” – the blog’s title was “Me & Him” – which says a lot. heh.
    And apparently he’s moved on.
    She says, despite the fact that people said it was her blog that was keeping him around, and he’d stop if she wasn’t giving him noteriety.

    For the record, I never said he’d never move on as long as she was blogging it… I simply implied that she did NOT WANT him to stop, by the looks of her blog.
    And it DOES look as if she is kind of disappointed she doesn’t have to update her “me & him” stalker obssesive relationship blog anymore.

    Am I mean? Maybe. I’m just pointing out that it takes 2 to tango. And if you’re indeed not doin’ the tango, THEN you can call it stalking.

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