Y2k Revisited….

Y2K Mike
The web looks like it can use a laugh right about now.

Remember what you were doing during Y2K?

  • Making sure you weren’t in an elevator or on a train?
  • Waiting for the Russian missiles to blow us to kingdom come?
  • Holding your breath when the clock struck midnight?
  • Not reading my Newsletter when I TOLD you nothing was going to happen????Well, I was running a series called “Y2K Mike” at the time. It started on New Year’s Day, and quite frankly the world was pretty sick of words like “Y2K” and “Millennium”, so I canned it and never finished it.

    Since we all like to get roped into tales of hardship that may/may not have happened… here is the harrowing tale of a survivalist and his wife being trapped in their Y2K shelter for nine horrible days, while his redneck buddies let them think the United States was destroyed (laughing their asses off above ground).

    A hoax you say?
    Please don’t insult me.
    I assure you the story of Y2K Mike is quite real*, and all the cynics can go to hell.

    *In light of this article, maybe I better flat-out say it’s a PARODY. Penned in January 2000, with a new shock ending rewritten last night, which you may find pretty amusing…

    …or not.

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